We at T4T Investments offer you independent, fair and unbiased Investment Advice, keeping your interest as a top priority.

We Advise, Guide and Help our clients to arrive at the best possible investment options suitable for them. In today’s world where it has become a harmonious job for a client to understand, select and execute investments, we handhold and guide them throughout the process of Investments to achieve their Financial Goals.

At T4T Investments, we create a Financial Plan that will help our clients to “Preserve what they already have, Protect themselves from financial uncertainty, Achieve their Financial Goals and Pass their wealth to their heirs in the most efficient manner possible“.

We are certified Mutual Fund and Insurance consultants duly recognised by the AMFI (Association of Mutual Fund of India) and IRDA(Insurance Regulatory Development Authority).

Why Us ??

Why should we be your financial advisers /product distributors? This is a very relevant question to ask us. And given below is our answer…

  • Goal Oriented Approach : We follow a Goal Oriented Approach for each of our clients’. We prioritise on clients’ Financial Goals and Needs, depending on his current Financial Situation, and develop a comprehensive and customised Financial Plan for him.
  • Client Centric Approach : Depending upon the Individual Financial Plan of the Client, we offer and advise financial products that are best suitable for achieving all the client goals. Our job as an adviser is to handhold our clients throughout his journey of Investments with us, be it during any crisis, boom or volatility of the market.
  • Techno-Savvy Way : All the processes at our firm are technology based and online. We do minimum use of paper work and have maximum efficiency in our systems. Clients can be updated with their investments from anywhere in the world.
  • Rich Product Basket : We offer a Single Point Access for all the Financial Products available in the market. Our Rich Product Basket, covers almost all financial products which addresses all the financial needs of the clients’ through one single portal of investments.
  • Right Experience and Skill : We have more than 12 Years of combine experience in the field of financial industry. We are professionally skilled to handle a client’s portfolio and incorporate it with any updates or changes of Investment industry.
  • Quick Response to Queries : We are highly skilled and trained to handle all kinds of Client Queries. We provide  immediate and multiple solutions for our clients at any and every step of their Financial Journey.
  • Driven By Passion : Our Passion is to create wealth for our clients and make them Financially Independent. Our Passion only drives us to provide complete support to our clients for every need.


September – 2018

Acquisition of  350+ Satisfied Clients and AUM crossed Rs. 50 Million. 300+ families covered with Insurance Protection as per their Human Life Value.

June – 2017

Acquisition of  150+ Satisfied Clients and AUM crossed  Rs. 15 Million.

Jan – 2017

Acquisition of  100+ Satisfied Clients and AUM crossed  Rs. 10 Million.

Dec – 2014 to Till Date

Conducted various Investors Awareness Programmes (IAP) at Corporates,  Clubs, Societies. Special initiative  programme for Women Investors. (WWINVESTOR– Wise Women Investor) at  Corporates, Tupperware Club Meets, Kitty parties etc. Financial Literacy Spread to 500+ Individuals thru IAPs

Dec – 2014

Started  Financial Planning and Mutual Fund Advisory Services with 20 + clients

Sep – 2013

Formation of  T4T Investments by Mrs Swati Pawar  with Insurance Advisory Services.

2011 – 2012 – 2013

Winner of  Lakhapati Club Awards  and different Contests at ICICI Pru LIfe  for consecutive 3 years.

April – 2010

Winner of  Rookie Manger Award – Pan Mumbai from ICICI Pru Life

June – 2009

Sales Managerial Position in Agency Business with ICICI Pru Life

May – 2006 to May – 2009

Imparted trainings to more than 1500 Individual as well as Corporate Agents’/ Brokers’ (India Infoline, Bluechip Investments, Keshavdas Mangaldas, Way 2 Wealth etc) employees

May – 2007

Achieved  LIII (Licentiate of Insurance Institute of India) Certification.

May -2006

In addition to Advisory Services, started  Consultant Training Services for Insurance Industry (ULIP trainings, Soft Skill and IRDA Exams Training)

Nov – 2005

Started as Individual Insurance Advisory Services by Mrs. Swati Pawar

What Client Says about T4T Investments

Aayush Sejpal

Aayush Sejpal

Hi, I am Aayush.

I am doing my own business and graduation in commerce. When it comes about finance, I believe in power of compounding. My financial advisor is Swati Pawar mam. She is very active and prompt about her work.

She believes in my goal and understands it very well and accordingly we plan together and decide what fund we have invest it and how much we have to invest. I am very grateful for having her as my financial advisor.

Aayush Sejpal
Aayush Enterprises

Vikranti Braganza

Vikranti Braganza

I have been associated with Swati Pawar for the last twenty years. She has got in-depth knowledge of all the investment plans that are available in the market. She knows your requirements, your needs, your goals and whatever your future plans are.

She has planned my portfolio according to my needs are concerned and not what she needs to give me. That’s the way I wanted my life to be. It is safe and secured now. Hats off to T4T Investments.

Vikranti Braganza
Insurance Professional

Actor Ranjeet Jog

Ranjeet Jog

Actress Smruti Patkar

Smruti Patkar
Professional Actress

Paresh Bhadekar

Paresh Bhadekar

First I would like to express thanks for the help Swati has done. I had no idea about financial planning before. We spent number hours on decision. She explained importance & clarified all the issues and concerns before any investment. Based on a family need and income, she planned financial portfolio for me and even her continual advice on issues served significant amount of money. Passion, knowledge and genuine interest in achieving best for client, is what makes her truly a professional financial advisor. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to achieve a better financial outcome.

Paresh Bhadekar
Software Engineer, Datavail Infotech

Mohit Shah

Mohit Shah

I had almost zero knowledge about Finance Management. Through one of the networking forum I came to know about Mrs. Swati Pawar. We had 3 to 4 meetings and every time she guided me very well & taught what to do and what not to do while managing the personal finance. Today my complete portfolio is managing by her.

I strongly recommend her to everyone, specially for the way she teach & share her knowledge & ultimately creates unique plan based on our goal.

Thank you Mrs. Swati Pawar.

Mohit Shah

Kundan Vaze

kundan vaze

Hi this is Kundan from KV Solutions.

First of all I would like to say big Thank you to Swati Madam for taking this profession. As we know the profession which she is doing is really challenging and being a woman its more more challenging. When I met her i thought that its was like she would normally do the marketing of her product as others do irrelevant whether i need it or not. But she was least interested in her selling her products and she focused more in consulting and financial health check up. Experience and her knowledge and the way she guides, proves that she is like a family member who is more bothered of your future. She keeps updating and guiding now and then.

As there is saying we need a Doctor for health so we need Financial Advisor for wealth. You have changed many lives, I am lucky to be one of them. Thanks once again.

Kundan Vaze